New Video: 2067: Carpacolypse

In the year 2067, the fisheries are much different. Carp are the dominant species in the waterways. Lucky for us, they are pretty darn fun to catch on a fly. 
Please enjoy the scenes I put together from a recent trip to Houston, Texas. Not many fish caught on camera, but I had a great time getting my first carp on a fly. If you make it down, check out the urban fisheries in the area. Also be sure to stop by iFly The Angler’s Edge. The staff there are great. 
Filmed with my GoPro HD and iPhone. 
Music: “Blues De Bernadette” by the Lost Bayou Ramblers. 

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

6 thoughts on “New Video: 2067: Carpacolypse”

  1. Great video… but hopefully not an entirely accurate glimpse into our future. Concrete canals just don't have the same beauty as a mountain stream with real rocks.


  2. agreed. I had never really spent so much time in such an urban fishery that is just gave me this post-apocalyptic vibe. I guess I was trying to send two messages. One was to highlight the cool carp fishery in houston. The other was to remind myself about how important it is to take care of a valued resource. Thanks for watching, Jay!


  3. Nice video. Just FYI, those grassies are a helluva lot of fun on dries. And they aren't the only bayou game down here, either.



  4. I could see that. I just didn't have anything dry to throw at them. It would have been blast. I really wanted to catch one of those plecos in there, but the one I had one (or possibly snagged) got off. Oh well. Thanks for the comments.


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