TMF and ZP sightings… Things that never happen to me.

In the time I’ve been blogging, I haven’t really ever run into other bloggers or even signs of their presence in the “real world.” That is, until last weekend. 
Get ready for the hyperlinks…..
So last weekend at the Virginia Coastal Fly Angler’s yearly picnic, Sara and I indulged in more pulled-pork sandwiches and key lime pie than any two people should ever consume, and we sat under the park shelter chatting away about work and fishing with the other club members. To our left, was a pimped out (yes, I said pimped) fishing kayak on display, for what purpose, I did not know. I did notice that there was one attendee I didn’t recognize who was instructing some fellow members on casting a fly rod with authority. 
Come to find out, this was Cory Routh of Ruthless Outdoor Adventures. Today was his day to give a talk on fly fishing from kayaks. Lucky us. 
After a very informative talk and question/answer session, I took a closer look at his boat. After ogling at all the gadgets and gizmos, I noticed his graphite paddle was decorated with a familiar sticker. All of a sudden I had my first Fiberglass Manifesto Sighting. Nice. 

Oh, but wait, there’s more. My second sighting was moments away.

I starting chatting with Cory. (He is a top notch guy, by the way. I hope I can fish with him in the future). We were talking fishing, blogging, kayaks, and then I noticed him breaking down the rod he was casting. Well, not the rod, but the fly in particular. I asked him if I could see it. He then said, “Those are the toughest poppers I’ve ever had…”

My response? “Is that a Zazzy Pop?!”

It was indeed. The one and only. We want on talking about them and how he was hoping to get them stocked in the new fishing section at Wild River Outfitters in Virginia Beach. In my mind, all I could think about was, way to go, Owl

Zazzy Pop: The Toughest Popper 

Cory Ruth Holding his Zazzy Pop,
TFM Kayak in the background.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

One thought on “TMF and ZP sightings… Things that never happen to me.”

  1. That's cool. It's always strange how the blogging world collides by coincidence. At the fly fishing show last year. I was at a booth and the guy right next to me says “I write the blog a Year On The Fly.” It was Joel DeJong and we had been following each others blog for awhile. I never knew he was even going to attend the fly show. He flew down from PA to check out the fly show and it was just coincidence that we were at the same booth at the same time.


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