Thinking about kayaks: Searching for Nanook

I’m currently in the market for a used kayak. I’ve thought about it for a while now, and it seems like a good idea. It would give me access to a lot of fishing spots that are inaccessible to the wade fisherman.

I came across this option via a craigslist ad (the kayak sold before I could act). It is called Folbot. These are fold up, packable kayaks. It is practical in terms of transportation, but the catch is you are assembling and disassembling the thing from time to time.

Regardless, the video makes them look sweet and I like that they show people fly fishing from them. I would have to buy used because of the price tag. I think that would be fine because they seem to have stood the test of time having been around for years. I saw Nanook of the North in 7th grade, but I never really thought I could purchase the family carrying kayak of the north. Anyway, if I pick one up, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Nanook and his buddy in their canvas (probably seal skin) kayak. Photo borrowed from

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about kayaks: Searching for Nanook”

  1. David,
    The Folbot looks pretty nice from a space saving perspective. For example, if you wanted to pack a kayak on a cross country road trip, but didn't want to have one strapped to the roof because of its effect on gas mileage… or you simply don't have room to store one because you live in an efficiency apartment.
    One of the great things about a kayak from my perspective is the ease and quickness with which you can throw one in the bed of a truck or car top one and go down to the water after work. I'm not sure the Folbot would be so great for that, and I wouldn't want to spend that precious time assembling/disassembling it every time out… sort of the same reason I don't use a six piece fly rod every day. It's great for backpacking and travel, but it's not as easy as a two or three piece for daily use.
    Just some thoughts from a kayaking fly fisher.


  2. that's great advice. I agree with all of it. the assembly/disassembly period seems like a hurdle that might keep you from hitting the water. If I buy a boat, I want something that gets me excited to go out and doesn't deter me. Definitely something to think about. Thank you for your keen perspective.


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