New Video Soon. Until Then….

The video is essentially finished. I just have to upload it. Time constraints being what they are, it may not get done today. Here are some thing it will feature:

1. My Dad using the Tenkara rod like a pro. His first try at tenkara and 2nd fly fishing outing. He excelled.

2. Justin from Winona Fly Factory doing what he does best.

3. The beautiful Driftless Area.

4. A quick look at Justin’s Sprinkle Me Baby streamer. Such a sweet fly.

5. A rotting sucker.

6. An inside look at the Z-barn, a family friend’s hunting shack in SE Minnesota.

Until then, to keep yourself entertained, here is a link to my all-time favorite website. Just click on the horses and make some music.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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