Driftless Notes

– tenkara and my dad get along well
– the driftless area is a phenomenal fishery
– Justin from Winona Fly Factory is a class act guy
– the bluebells and morrel mushrooms are in tandem this year
– I can’t wait to explore the driftless as the years go by
– the orvis sling pack is sweet
– the video will come next week
– somewhere in the valleys of southeast Minnesota rests my tenkara handle cap. I have a feeling 50% of tenkara owners can empathize
– I think winonaflyfactory.com will have some type of recap
– no rods were left in the airport 🙂

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

6 thoughts on “Driftless Notes”

  1. D. glad you had a good time. Your welcome back whenever, I've got an extra bed whenever you need it. It was good to meet the man behind some of my favorite videos. Thanks for making it work out, I had a good day seeing you two get into the beauty of the driftless area, as you noted: its more than just fishing…its the experience of the area. Come back as soon as you can.


  2. Hey cool! 🙂 I am just getting around to catching up on my blog reading. btw – I think there is a fix online for securing a cap somehow so it can't be lost. Bet you can google that. 🙂 Glad you like the Sling pack. It is pretty awesome.


  3. I will definitely be taking you up on that offer. It was an awesome time. I'm still seeing it at night. I can't believe some of the holes we were fishing. Just spectacular


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