Shad Roe

Do you know? Are you aware of the roe?
I was not. 
I was just minding my own business,
out for a hearty dinner
with my lovely wife
and kind hearted mother.
Near the Lynnhaven Inlet
there are several eateries
some look nice
and some do not.
Some look fancy
and some do not.
I am a fan of the 
quaint, quirky, cozy and delicious.
My wife and mother were looking for
seafood dishes.
Croakers it is.
Shortly after settling in at our table
 I hear of the roe.
What is this nonsense?
Curious I am
and inquisitive I was,
only to find, as I assumed,
the shad is the fish
related to this food.
Roe? “It’s the eggs.”
Okay, that sounds familiar.
Fried, covered in bacon and onions?
Um, yes, 
Let’s be adventurous.
It was good. 
a good experience.
And when the waitress asked me,
“Did you enjoy the sac?”
I had to ask.
Can I see what it looked like before it was fried?
She grinned
and walked away
only to return carrying
this plate.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

10 thoughts on “Shad Roe”

  1. It looks like the thing that popped out of the stomach in the movie “Alien”…glad it was a good experience. Although, since it was fried and covered in bacon, that might be misconstrued as cheating…well, almost


  2. you know it really was good. The eggs are very small and densely packed, giving it the consistency of a tight meatloaf or haggis. The flavor was closest to plain cooked hamburger. I enjoyed it a lot, but I could have done with a smaller portion, by about the a 3rd of the way through, I was ready to stop, but I knew this was something I wouldn't want to reheat 🙂


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