Every Morning.

Let this morning be good to you all.
The Sun is shining here
And even if you have gray skies,
The sun is shinning above the clouds too.

In the mornings my mind wanders, meanders seems more accurate.
A slow stroll through events to come
Stopping to follow a tangent every now and then.
I wonder when we’ll here the completion of EMB‘s bamboo stories?
Dress. Toast. Coffee. Computer.
Nope. No new updates. 
What is she doing leaving us hanging like this?
Let’s see, at work by 8am? I still have time.
Has any thing floated down the Poudre for us to enjoy?
The exam is next week. I think I’m on track for a passing grade.
Did I really see suckers and trout in YGF‘s latest video?
Oil change today.
We need more milk.
Any Owls to investigate?
Dentist appointment next week.
Just one more site before I head off. But which one?
Stripped Pajamas?
Is that the time?

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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