Cast ‘n Swim in Warmer Waters

We seek refuge in the warmer waters of southern countries when the winters begin to drag. Fly rod in tow, I tried my hand at tropical fish. We snorkeled and SCUBA dived to find the ones we didn’t catch. If you keep your eyes peeled at 3:42, you’ll see my elusive Permit swimming through the frame. 
Now, stop watching and go catch some fish. 
*Note, I spelled the band’s name wrong in the video. They are “Hey Marseilles.”

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

7 thoughts on “Cast ‘n Swim in Warmer Waters”

  1. It was there and gone so fast when we were snorkeling. But so very cool. I counted 4 or 5 different types of reptiles while we were there. A couple species of iguana and some geckos were the only ones I thought I recognized. Pretty awesome.


  2. That was really really fun to watch! Great choice of music for the show. Keep up the great work!


    …pretty cool to see that permit. and not a bad job on the bones…ha!


  3. thanks sanders 🙂 it is so funny, because I wasn't sight fishing, it was pretty much luck. I just happened to find a good area I guess 🙂 Still, a bonefish is a bonefish. Glad you liked the tunes.


  4. The last reptile I saw… actually wasn't that long ago. Kelly and I saw a Broad-banded Water Snake on New Year's Eve just across the big river in Arkansas. This winter has been so mild… until 2 days ago… but I'm still ready for spring.


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