Teva, My Feet Thank You

If not at work or running, I spend most of the summer in bare feet. The same has even been said when I wade in warmer waters. For Christmas I got some Teva wet wading shoes. I put them to work last week in Mexico while walking on sharp shoreline rocks. I even wore them to dinner a couple times because they were so comfortable. So I guess what I am trying to say is, Teva, my feet thank you.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

6 thoughts on “Teva, My Feet Thank You”

  1. I lived in Teva sandals back in high school (class of '96), but my last couple of pairs I have used for wet wading been slightly disappointing. I think I got tired of getting pebbles and snails between my foot and the footbed (I've switched to neoprene flats boots by Snowbee), but these look like they might keep that sort of stuff out. How did they perform in that regard?


  2. Jay! I actually looked at the Snowbees and similar styles after seeing a pic of you in them. The Teva's are what Santa brought me and I love them. They velcro and strap tightly so I didn't have any problems with rocks/gravel in the shoes. They are a sturdy shoe, for sure, but also relatively light weight (heavier than the neoprene) and comfy.


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