A little homage to the time and energy we dedicate to preparing for a day of fly fishing. Next Monday I have a day off. I’m waking up early to blast down to Harkers Island with a buddy. We hope for agreeable fish as well as weather. Enjoy the short clip. It turned out a little melodramatic, which makes me laugh in hindsight. Not sure how that happened. I like tying flies. Maybe it is because I was really tired.

The longest title ever: Storm Trooper Tie-off: The Other Side of Fly Fishing (or Preparing for Battle)

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

3 thoughts on “Preparation”

  1. I love this, d.nash. Love it. Honestly one of my favorites. Without the troops, we don't stand a chance. Flies are kind of what our little fishing worlds revolve around…we just forget sometimes. Thanks for the reminder….and good luck at Harkers Island.


  2. hey thanks you two. there are so many good things about fishing. it was fun to show another one in a creative light. Plus, I haven't caught a lot of fish in the last couple outings, so I had to share something else 🙂

    Have a great day.


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