I’m Knowing You.

I’m Knowing You.

We’ve only known each other for a few months now.
I swam the warm season.
Watched the changes in your sloping shore
After the big storm.
I’ve sifted through the gifts washed up each morning
Like a browsing patron at an antique store.

I know we haven’t known each other long,
But I feel closer to you today.
I anticipate the tidal changes.
I watch the schooling bait fish.
I can see this is growing into a great friendship.


I went for a jog today. I ran along the waters edge in our backyard. I began thinking how I’ve come to know this water. Like a friendship, it has grown since we’ve been in Virginia.  I thought that I should write something about that, but I think I forgot sometime between the end of the run and dinner. It wasn’t until I came across Jay Zimmerman’s  blog, Colorado Fly Fishing Report, that I remembered. You see, Jay Z…. ha… (I wrote that to differentiate from the other Jay I know, The Naturalist’s Angle. I’ll leave it) As I was saying, he wrote a post today proposing that we all “GET TO KNOW YOUR HOME WATER BETTER!” I agree and it prompted me to get my thoughts written down. So, thanks Jay Z. I appreciate it. I was going to post a video of a Jay Z and Radiohead mashup called Jaydiohead, but I will let you find those as they all seem to have explicit lyrics.  Try “No Karma,” “Song and Cry,” or “99 Anthems.”

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

6 thoughts on “I’m Knowing You.”

  1. I figure it must be pretty unoriginal 🙂 He probably gets sick of it. Like when someone says, “I'm a geologist. It rocks!” But I also still think it is funny. I'm glad you do too.


  2. “I've sifted through the gifts washed up each morning; Like a browsing patron at an antique store.” — good words, d.nash. Glad you're getting to know her…


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