Maine: day 5

Here it is. The last full day. Maine was everything I hoped and more. We had very diverse experiences and I still think we only scratched the surface of what Maine has to offer.
Our last day was mostly spent at Acadia national park. Before we went, we picked up a muffin, scone, and a “puffy” (a pastry filled with chick peas, tomatoes, and feta) from the morning glory bakery. That was lunch for about $8. Not too shabby. We hiked a trail called Gorham trail to Gorham mountain. We followed the path to “The Bowl” and Beehive mountain. After considering a slippery and precarious decent from Beehive, we opted for the easier route down to the ocean path. We kept it pretty chill in the afternoon with reading, naps, and some pre-dinner wine. Tomorrow we will make our way home. Zeeba (our cat), this is your heads up so you can clean up the house from your kitty parties before we get back.

I will post several more Maine related posts and photos as the days go by. Thank you every one for following along. It is quite fun to share with all of you!

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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