Maine: day 4

Day 4 brought us to Bar Harbour and Acadia National Park. Mount Cadillac in Acadia is the tallest peak on the United States Atlantic coast. There are beautiful forests, lakes, tidal pools, and rocky shoreline.

We drove all through the park stopping along the way to hike and check out points of interest. We tried to stay to watch the sunset but as it was a bit cloudy, we descended the mountain and found some dinner. I took several shots on my other camera and those will take a little more time to load. I figure I'll have a post trip post with a few highlight photos. Tomorrow is our last full day. It looks like it will be a big hiking day.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

7 thoughts on “Maine: day 4”

  1. Erin – I have always felt pulled towards Maine, but, like you, had never been and didn't know why. This trip has validated everything and we've see very little. I'm sure you'd love it.

    T McGee – Thanks for following!

    F-Rising – I'm glad it is back on your radar. Let me know if you want any suggestions.

    Katie! We havent done any antiquing but you could do that all day here. Sooooo many cute shops:)

    Sanders – it is for sure.

    Kevin – glad you are following along. Bar Harbour is beautiful. Cheers!


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