Fifty and One Hundred.

Back in January of 2009, this blog was a place called “Every Now and Then.” It was a a place for me to post poetry, well, every now and then. Two and a half years later, we are now fly fishing, reviewing equipment, showcasing music and beer, and speaking in the third person.

Tonight, for my 150th post, I am proud to show you my first official fly tying bench.


A couple of things to clear up. Yes, that is a door I’m using as a bench (see the door knob on the right?). And, yes, the upside down 5-gal bucket is my stool. Additionally, that is my car sneaking into the photo.

How happy am I? Immensely 🙂

Let’s have some music to end the post and the evening. 
I’m thinking something upbeat
To get your feet moving.
Maybe something from Ben Kweller
With a video featuring his Grandmother, so sweet.
“I’m just a penny on a train track,
Waiting for my judgment day.
Come on, baby girl, let me see those legs,
Before I get flattened away.”

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

8 thoughts on “Fifty and One Hundred.”

  1. Nice. Simple. I like it. Funny… I actually have that very same fly fishing motif tin sitting next to my computer- it stores my flash drive and SD memory card collection.


  2. That door knob could actually be very useful for something tying related….just not sure what yet. This is awesome, d. nash. Awesome! I'm now looking forward to posts about your flies!


  3. You're right about the knob. I'm not sure how it will come into play, but there is something there…. As for the flies, don't get too excited. The fly tying craft comes slow to this guy 🙂 It will be fun though.


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