Things to come… and favorites.

First of all, I’ve got one (maybe two) good fly fishing outings coming up. This Saturday, Sara and I are heading up the Chesapeake Bay with Capt. Chris Newsome and Bay Fly Fishing for a day of education and hopefully stellar fishing. I’m hoping to have some fun stuff to share there. 

Then on Monday or Tuesday I’m thinking of making a drive to Shenandoah National Park for my first outing Virginia trout fishing. This will be a bit more of a reach for success, but it would certainly be fun. As my last big opportunity to head out before I get really busy with work/life, I’m feeling the need to take advantage of a free day. Hopefully that trip will yield some fish photography/film as well. 

Also, Owl Jones has a great interview with the fellas at Cheeky Fly Reels. I think it is worth the read. The reels looks sweet. As they describe it, they are the “Ferari” of fly reels. In performance and price.
Then there is the new photo prompt at OBN. Check it out and get in your best “action shots.”
Lastly, Dustin over at Dustin’s Fly Box posted a good question. What are your 5 favorite bloggers? Well, these are always changing for me. I frequently rotate favorites. But, forced to pick the current ones I’m frequenting these days… This is what I would say have been the last week’s top hits for me. They always change…. 
1. Mysteries Internal – This blog is “newer” to me, relatively, but I feel like I’ve known Erin for a long time. She is an outstanding writer. I’ve heard that the only goal of poetry is to show you something from a new perspective. Every post of hers that I’ve read accomplishes this. I guarantee she’ll have 200+ followers by the end of the summer. Probably sooner.
2. Owl Jones – His tag is Fly Fishing Entertainment, and that’s what Owl Jones provides. There is always something new going on there. He has videos, podcasts/radio shows, gear reviews, contests, controversy. The list goes on and on. 
3. Winona Fly Factory – This is a great blog for the student of fly fishing. Through his descriptions and photography, WFF practically packs you in his satchel along with the fly box each fishing trip. He fishes a lot and year round giving you a wonderful experience of fishing the Minnesota Driftless Area.
4. Skate The Fly – This is a blog/fly shop. Dylan, the main contributor maintains the blogs with insightful posts. But what really caught my attention with these guys is their “tv” episodes. They are hilarious. At least I think so 🙂 Not for children’s ears, mind you. Ear muffs!
5. Front Side Fly – I just started following these guys last week. Not a lot of blog posts, but their videos are spectacular. These punks know how to fly fish, and I’m slightly jealous of how they seem to spend their … high school?… college? free time.
I have to admit, I also visit Fish Porn daily. I’m definitely NOT ashamed. Honorable mention goes to Naturalist Angle, Troutrageous, Sanders at Up the Poudre, and Schnitzer Photo. There are a bunch of great ones out there!
Check them out!

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

7 thoughts on “Things to come… and favorites.”

  1. Nice to see that you are going to be getting out this weekend…looking forward to hearing about the adventures!

    Those are 5 great blogs you picked! It's amazing how many talented people are out there willing to share stories, vids, and photos…it's awesome!

    thanks for the mention, I'm having a lot of fun with Up the Poudre.



  2. Isn't it just cool how expansive the community is? I look at it like another social networking platform that allows for more expression than facebook or myspace would do. Great stuff!


  3. Great list of blogs! Several I did not know about! It is crazy how many friends you can gain worldwide by just having a same interest. Also thanks for making a post about this. After I posted it I got to thinking if really anyone would answer in fear of hurting others feelings


  4. T – I didn't say “dishonerable”? oh, that was a mistake. I'll make the correction 🙂

    D – Glad I could introduce you to something new. That is what I thought was best about your idea and why I wanted to follow your lead. Great idea!!


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