From the Doorway at Night

I hear Adele sing her 
bluesy tunes
highlighted by your classically trained
I see planes lining up,
in mid air, no less.
Isn’t it amazing to 
line up in mid air?
I hear the bay,
breathing in and out,
in and out,
in and out,
In. And. Out.
Laughter splashes
over the dune.
It is the flirting kind
camouflaging butterflies
but failing miserably to disguise
the excitement of a brushing hand.
Was that intentional?
I hear the bay
Though darkness shades,
life is abound.
The Sun never sleeps.
The world keeps breathing.
When the lights go out,
one only needs to listen,
and waves will rush to shore.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

6 thoughts on “From the Doorway at Night”

  1. schnitzer, sanders, emb – Thank you for the kind words. glad you enjoyed it 🙂 You never know when something is going to resonate with anyone else or only with yourself.

    Owl – yes, the photo is taken looking out off our porch. We were lucky to find an awesome new place.

    Dustin – that is quite a compliment. Thank you! I'll try my best to keep writing good stuff.


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