Southern Culture on the Fly

I stumbled across this on the side of Owl Jones’ Place. As far as I can gather, it is similar to Catch Magazine (in terms of photography, video and variety of fish), but with more words and focussed on The Southern US. They have their preview, or “spring thaw” issue to the upcoming October 2011 inaugural issue here.

I laughed a bit while reading it. I like the attitude. An enjoyable preview for what is sure to be a fun online periodical.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

5 thoughts on “Southern Culture on the Fly”

  1. Good stuff. Have you seen your ad on owls site? looks really good, but it doesn't work for me. will you let him know, that way he doesn't call me sweet anymore. 🙂 hahah.


  2. The cool thing on SCOF is that you need a sense of humor and you better be able to laugh at yourself. They even make fun of us highland fishers! 🙂
    Thanks for adding the Name/URL thing!!!! I can post again!


  3. Owl – You are absolutely right. At first, I was reading and thinking, whoa, they are just digging into everybody. kinda harsh. Then I read on and they dug into themselves. It is a really funny read. You just have to open your mind a bit and relax. Enjoy the humor. All fly fishers are a little entitled and a little weird. And we should recognize and enjoy that.

    It re-iterated that “fly fishing is a joke” video. We may have different tastes in humor, but the point of the joke is just to enjoy it. Just like fly fishing.

    I'm glad the posting works. I wonder if anyone else was having that trouble and couldn't comment. Hopefully there will be no more problems.


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