ONE of our favorite late night stops in Omaha

Open 10pm-10am. Donuts are home made and always fresh. You drop coins in a box to pay for your coffee and there is alway a game of cards being played. Oh, Donut Stop, I will miss thee.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

7 thoughts on “ONE of our favorite late night stops in Omaha”

  1. We have an awesome local donut shop in Memphis- Gibson's Donuts. Open 24 hrs a day, 360+ days a year (they may be closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I honestly don't know). Hand down best donuts I've ever had anywhere. Kelly once tried to challenge with some donuts from her hometown (Jackson, MS), but she has conceded that Gibson's are better. Every night at 11 PM, donuts are 6 for $1.25 (not long ago it was $1). Of course they're not the freshest as they're clearing them out before they start cooking for the next morning… but I never cared when I was a poor college student… and I still don't. If you ever visit the big “M”, you must go to Gibson's… and Graceland too I guess, but I wouldn't know because as locals don't go to Graceland.


  2. The last time I went to a doughnut shop around here they told me they were all out. Major Bummer. That coffee/doughnut shop sounds great. 10:00p.m.-10:00a.m. where was that place when I was working the night shift:) Or up in the dark heading out fishing. Tight Lines!


  3. Dustin,
    That sounds about as bad as a 7/11 without a Slurpie Machine. Baffling for sure. OK now I am hungry.

    Don't forget to add Wisconsins Driftless Area to your list;)


  4. Trout – You are right 🙂 I am from Minnesota originally and thought it was more likely that I'd head back there. That being said, I hasn't happened and it probably won't this summer since we are moving next week. My wife is from the Dells area in Wisconsin, so, if we head back there, maybe it can happen 🙂

    I'm sorry all the food joints are running out of their go to meals. maybe we should make our own food today?


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