Beautiful Pines

I really love pine trees. The shapes, colors, texture and smell. My new phone takes nice photos and here is one of some incoming cones.


Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Pines”

  1. I know. On a warmer day, pines really start to smell good and remind me of the boundary waters.

    Yeah, I'm really happy with the camera on the phone. It makes me look like a better photographer than I am!


  2. I am with you Sanders! Growing up in Island Park and having the henrys fork just a 10 minute drive away was heaven!!! Now all I smell is the pig farm several blocks away and the 115 degree heat


  3. I agree Sanders. Growing up, we had tall white Red Pines in our back yard. tough needles on bare feet, but they almost hypnotized you as they swayed in the wind.

    Dustin – 1. thanks for the shout 🙂 2. You rock. 3. I got an iphone4 for a grad present. I'm going to try and keep experimenting with it. It may give me some more poetry inspiration.


  4. wow, I am still using my flip phone from 5 years ago lol.. No need to replace till it is broke. It makes and receive calls and call me old fashioned but that is all I need. But that pic turned out great


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