OBN Writing Prompt: Spicy and Delicious!

Heat the water. Open the packet. Mix and serve. That’s how I like my hot chocolate. Almost…

Throw a dash of cheyenne pepper in there +/-cinnamon and salt.
mmmmmmmmmm….. Heats you up and warms your tummy. Soooo good. I had this while camping in Utah last week. It made the cold nights and mornings more than tolerable.

pic from: http://alifelesssweet.blogspot.com/2009/04/springtime-is-for-hot-chocolate.html


Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

9 thoughts on “OBN Writing Prompt: Spicy and Delicious!”

  1. Hmmmm…..just reading that clued me in on the fact I've been missing out on all the ways I could have been spicing up my hot chocolate over the years. I had no idea!

    Ok, writing this down and will try on my next outing. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Oooh! I've tried the cinnamon and like the “kick” but never would have thought about cayenne. Definitely warming from the inside out I'd think!


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