The Week is Upon Us.

I can’t believe this week is here. It is a beautiful Sunday morning in Omaha, Ne. I am thankful to be up and enjoying it. We ran a 10 mile run yesterday on the Keystone trail only to follow that up with 18 holes of golf with friends…. Well, Tiger Woods golf on the Wii, but still, long day.

Now my mind drifts to the West. Montana. Colorado. Utah.
On Thursday morning, after seeing Sara off to work, I’ll be driving up to Fort Smith, Mt to begin our 3 day trip fishing the Big Horn River. We are staying at my brother’s favorite place Cottonwood Camp. I can’t wait. I know a lot of bloggers I read are able to get out and fish pretty regularly. Well, for me, it is few and far in between. I have been waiting for this trip for a long time.
On Monday, I’m driving down to Denver to visit my best bud and follow him on a few more adventures. He has planned a few days of hiking in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.
Its a good day for a poem, so let’s give it a go.
Looking forward. 4/3/11
I look forward
to each footfall
each rising sun
each splash of cold water
refreshing to touch
to blazing fall leaves
biting winter mornings
sticky summer lemonade
fires on the beach
to all of your laughs
all new foods to taste
all of the smiles
shared with friends
to more responsibility
maturity with age
finding eternal optimism
keeping cynicism out of my veins

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

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