My Leaky Wader Heaven – Let’s Recycle

Well, folks, my waders have caught a glimpse of the light. They might survive their battle a little longer, but we know where the will end up.
Moving across strong, untouched Salmon waters in Alaska. Delicately stalking brookies in toothpick-sized waters in the Wyoming back country. Chasing browns in Utah canyons or on the mighty Big Horn. Fighting grizzlies for the fish in Kamchtka or teaming up with Owl Joneson the Southern Blue Ridge.
Yes, my actual leaky waders (not the website or myself in 3rd person) may just end up in any of these places. They will be reborn and find new life through an avenue I have only, just now, come to discover.
I would like to introduce to you Recycled Waders. It is a small company that brings a second existence to your unintentionally-H2O absorbent breathable waders. They take your breathable waders and either create something for you (at a very reasonable price), or for someone else. This includes Tippet Wallets, Creels, Shoulder or Hip Packs, and even Reel Cases. So whether you are looking to set your waders free or get sentimental and hang on to those puppies a little longer, here is a cool way to do it.

photo by Dave McCoy and Ashwin Rao
I myself and debating on just donating versus purchasing a bag of some sort. Ideally, I would have a bag made from my own material, but we’ll just have to see if they accept the amount of sealant I’ve got laced on those bad boys.
Anyway, a cool company and great idea to delay creating something useful out of those water pants we keep hanging on to.
I’ll let you know when my leaky waders have moved on from this plane and become something new 🙂 In other words, I’ll tell you when I change my wet pants.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

3 thoughts on “My Leaky Wader Heaven – Let’s Recycle”

  1. I know what you mean. I have a hard time even thinking about replacing these bad boys. But don't worry, the blog name will not change when the time comes to send them in. Even my new waders will eventually leak 🙂


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