Why Fish?

Why Fish? 12-22-10

A bond forms when walking a stream.
Whether you study its fluid dynamics,
The aquatic fauna and flora,
Or simply enjoy the company,
The line connects the rod holder
To a ballet of scales and invertebrates.
Rhythmically paddling back and forth,
Stationary at the seams of faster currents,
Patiently waiting for the optimal meal
Until a passing morsel
Drifts closer.
Sitting on the trunk of my little black car
Emptying my sieve-like waders
And breaking down my gear,
I feel complete after a day of fishing.
I am the rod, the line, the fly, the water,
And the fish.
– david

Look who’s organized!

A fellow Cornhusker Fly Fisher tipped me off to these boxes for
keeping your tying hooks organized. It is a bead or craft box made by Craftmates with a
locking mechanism for each hatch and rounded bottoms so it is easier
to grab the hooks. I taped labels to the lids and threw away all the
crappy bags I kept my hooks in. Score!

Total cost of box? $3.99 at Hobby Lobby

Oh, we’ve come sooo far…

Ladies and Gentlemen (mom and dad), I am proud to tell you I am now listed among the many superb blogs on the Outdoor Blogger Network. It is a great collaboration of those of us who are striving to shore our outdoor passions. I’m excited to continue looking through the pages on the website and encourage you to do the same! They have more than just fly fishing blogs. They have hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, photography, boating, ecology, etc. Enjoy!

1st Cornhusker Fly Fishers’ tying session

It was a good first session for me. I tied some basic flies. Nothing difficult, but while focussing on technique, I noticed they were a bit sloppier at first. So as you go from left to right in the picture, the flies get progressively a little better.
Things I came away with:
1. getting much better tying on dubbing.
2. realized the importance of wrapping hackle feathers consistently fly to fly.
3. judging hackle feather size appropriate for fly.
4. I learned how to reattach my muffler to my car with iron wire.
I tied 5 “Soft Hacks Flies.”
– 3 size 14, 2 size 12
– olive/green dubbing
– partridge hackle
and… 1 “black fur ant”
– size 12
– black dubbing
– saddle hackle

Wildfire Poly Caddis and Modified CDC Emerger

Wildfire Poly Caddis:
-Size 14 hook
-Zeeba Dubbing (our cat)
-“Homespun” Yarn: color Wild Fire
-70 Denier Black Ultra Thread

Modified CDC Emerger:
-Size 16 emerger hook
-Tail: Mallrd Flank Feather
-Red ultra wire (didn’t have white)
-Some leftover black thread
-Zeeba Dubbing
-Wings: I don’t know what the feather I used is called
-Head was finished off with a little more dubbing and then tied off

* I’m calling it modified because I didn’t have the proper colors or wing materials. It called for CDC Puff feathers.

** Woo Hoo!