Muddy Waters. Little Papillion Creek.

So last weekend I made it out to Little Papillion Creek (I think that is what it is called) by 132nd-ish and Fort-ish. It was another stunningSunday. (The weather really has been beautiful in Omaha lately.)My plan was to walk the creek upstream in search of rises and possibly catching some fish. I new it would might be a mirky creek, but I read a Papillion Creek Water resources management page that mentioned the potential for fish. I figured it was worth a shot since I haven’t been catching anything at Standing Bear.

I basically walked up the stream for about 2 hours cas
ting a San Juan Worm, hoping it would catch some attention. I didn’t see any top-water action, so I didn’t feel the need to switch to a dry fly. Besides the pretty scenery, and occasional teaser pools, I didn’t see a thing. The water was SO muddy. I stepped in a couple times and immediately slid into 4-6in of silt. Thank you Nebraska farm run-off.
I decided to take a short break and just sit for a while.

I have to admit, I was frustrated with four consecutive outings without single fish. I had one great strike weeks ago at Standing Bear and I pissed that away, no problem. Fishing is a lot better if you are catching fish. And if you aren’t going to catch anything, it is at least nice to have dry feet, which I won’t have until I buy new waders. Since I am, honestly, to cheap to do that any time soon, I will be soggy for years to come.
I am mostly kidding, of course. I love getting out and fishing a stream or lake. It is just wonderful to be outdoors and interact with nature in a unique way. Being that close to the water gives me peace and joy. I will keep going back no matter how few fish I catch. I probably won’t return to Little Papillion Creek anytime soon, but that is only because I didn’t catch fish, not because it wasn’t beautiful.
Fortunately, my frustrated mood didn’t last long. I picked up a four pack of Tallgrass Brewing Co. Buffalo Sweat and had a wonderful evening. It is a great stout. So refreshing in fact that I found myself craving it after a 6 mile run later in the day.
Now that is a good beer.

Author: D Nash

Family. Fly fishing. Music.

3 thoughts on “Muddy Waters. Little Papillion Creek.”

  1. I have caught several fish in the papio! Channel Cats, Bluegill, Bullhead, Gar, Carp, Chubs…..and even a few walleye! If you want to know a good spot, let me know!


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